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About the Founding Chairman


Professor Dr. Abu Reza Mohammad Nizamuddin Nadawi, one of the leaders of the moderate thoughts and the pioneers of charitable work and the most prominent men of science and culture in Bangladesh, a talented man who has been working with his heart and soul for the benefit of his religion, country and people. He was born in an ancient family known as “The Makkah Bari  "in Babunagar village of Madarsha union in Satkania upzilla of the Chittagong District and Division - Bangladesh in the late 1968s.He was admitted at Chunati Hakimia Kamil Madrasah under the supervision of Nazim-e-Ala,Allama Abul Barakat Mohammad Fazlullah (Rah.) his Muhtaram father and studied there successfully till the eight. Then, he studied at the Jamia Islamia Patya - Chittagong - Bangladesh and then was honored to scontinue higher studies at the Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow-India - where he became the disciple of late Dayee (Religious Preacher) Sheikh,His Eminence Sayyid Abul Hassan Ali Al-Hassani Al-Nadwi- may God have mercy on him, and benefitted from his scientific, theological and pragmatic thought and eventually he obtained a doctorate from the University of Lucknow after completing a master's degree in Arabic language and literature from the University of Dhaka with all distinction and excellence.


He began his working life as a Lecturer of Hadith and Arabic literature at the Jamia DarulMa’arif Al-Islamia - Chittagong - Bangladesh in 1989 and worked till the first half of 1995. He then joined the Department of Dawah and Islamic Studies at the International Islamic University Chittagong on 1st August 1995 as a Lecturer. He was promoted to Assistant Professor on 11th November 1999, Associate Professor on 15th August 2004 and Professor since February 2012. He was the director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Islamic University Chittagong and was a pioneer in introducing this university to the international arena and with those who had a role in its economic and architectural development. He was also the syndicate member of Islami Arabic University, Dhaka.


One of the most remarkable achievements of his life was the establishment of the Allama Fazlullah Foundation - the institution that gave charitable work an institutional form in Bangladesh and provided an accurate example of honesty and trust. It also has significant contributions to the field of publications. His Excellency Dr. Adel Abdullah Al-Falah, Under secretary of theMinistry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in the State of Kuwait, says in his speech at a ceremony honoring him at the headquarters of the Allam Fazlullah Foundation in May 2010:


"I find in this character, in addition to the continuous, tireless charitable work, of the world jurist and unique scholar ... I used to think that his condition is like our state in the charitable and administrative affairs ... We are far from science and thought and its achievement and what we get sometimes we forget, but God wills it concentrated and versed in aspects of jurisprudence and aspects of science And aspects of literature as well .... And I knew about him with prudence, reason and sobriety, a deep love for good and a deep love for serving Islam and Muslims, so Allah (swt.) rewarded him with good.”