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What do we do?


The Allama Fazlullah Foundation works in all areas of charitable work, and it focuses its efforts on educational and cultural projects, community and relief development, and its field of work is exemplified in the following:


  • Building mosques and related facilities.

  • Building and operating schools and orphanages and centers for memorizing the Holy Quran.

  • Building and operating vocational training centers.

  • Build and operate health centers, clinics and hospitals.

  • Building the homes for the poor.

  • Building model villages for the afflicted and missing from natural disasters.

  • Drilling of wells, regular and artesian pumps.

  • Ensuring Quranic episodes.

  • To ensure orphans, and widows.

  • Ensuring poor students.

  • Sponsoring families in need.

  • Ensuring sponsorship preacher and teachers.

  • Guarantee of the poor and religious pilgrims.

  • Providing cut aid to marry girls and children in need and treat poor patients.

  • Supporting scientific research and Islamic studies.

  • Assisting researchers and scholars, and cooperating with research centers at home and abroad.

  • Contributing to the printing and publishing of books, the Qur’ans, literature, and scientific research.

  • Holding Shariah courses and workshops for scholars, imams, preachers, and students of Islamic schools to sensitize them to contemporary issues and their solutions in the light of the tolerant Islamic Shariah.

  • Distributing food parcels and clothes to the poor and those affected by natural disasters.

  • The iftar (breakfast) project for the fasting people.

  • Project for the distribution of Sacrificial (Qurbani) meat to poor and destitute.